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Our name is derived from the Chinese characters, 秀多, and takes on the meaning of excellence in a large and diverse array of fields. Needless to say, the most important factor for us is reaching excellence in the quality and flavor of our food, however, it isn't the only aspect we're focused on. Our palatable food is only the beginning and the foundation to an overall exceptional eating experience.

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We believe that the high-quality fine-dining experience should be accessible to people all across the board - so our chefs have taken it upon themselves to bring you, our guests, just that at the most reasonable and widely-approachable consumer price. Our chefs flaunt a combined experience of 35 years in Japanese and Korean cuisine and have hand-picked the most delectable delicacies just for you. As characterized in our name, our goal is but one - to provide countless amount of people with only the finest dining experience. With this goal in mind and in heart, we hope to share what we do best - provide unforgettable, quality food to accompany your restless nights and joy-filled days.

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